Best Practice Career Counseling Report

Best Practice Career Counseling Report

Less Time Assessing / More Time Counseling

One Assessment – All Four Domains

Interests, Values, Personality, and Abilities

One Report with their Top 100 Careers

Hyperlinked to Helpful Resources

Interactive PDF Report

Helps Students Explore and Narrow Career Options

Evidence Based Career Counseling for the Modern Post Secondary School

Best Fit Career Finder: A Holistic Approach

Best Fit Career Finder is a research-supported, evidence-based model specifically designed to help students find their best fit careers. This industry leading psychometric assessment tool integrates students’ abilities, interests, personality, and values into a comprehensive report identifying their top 100 career options.

Best Fit Career Finder is only available to educational institutions to ensure that students get expert guidance when working through the Greenwood System™ process to learn about themselves, learn about careers for which they are a good fit, and narrow those career options to their top few best fit careers. In the report, students are also instructed how to create an Action Plan to move forward toward their best futures.

The Greenwood System™ Self-Exploration, Career Exploration, and Action Plan!

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